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4 Recovery Strategies to Get Back on Track After the Holiday Festivities

Posted: November 21, 2018


While we want to train intensely and intelligently we also want to recover as intensely and intelligently. Having studied and applied almost every possible recovery method I can find I want to share with you a stripped down and to the point recovery plan.

Here's my recovery plan in four simple steps. (This list is compiled from multiple sources over years of doing the work so forgive the lack of citations.)


Posted: September 27, 2018



I want to take a few minutes out of your busy day to talk about bullying. We all have stories and I want to share mine with all of you. I was the only Asian kid growing-up in a small town in Morris County - Roxbury Township. I attended Jefferson Elementary School. Myself and another student Will - I can’t believe I remember his name after all these years – an African American were the only two students that were minorities in the entire school. I was constantly harassed and bullied during those days. I was overweight and would bring ethnic foods to school for lunch – rice, kimchi, and dried seaweed. Yes, imagine an overweight Asian kid that ate dried seaweed and smelled like kimchi walking to and from school each day was a recipe for bullying. A lot of those that have been bullied display signs of depression, anxiety, and sadness. They are angry, have nightmares and fewer friends, and have poor eating habits. As time goes on there is a drop-in grades, low self-esteem, and feelings of being helpless, and many turn to drugs and alcohol. In extreme cases there are suicidal ideation thoughts. During my time being bullied I learned to adapt and overcome.

Back to School with CONFIDENCE!

Posted: September 06, 2018

My name is Master Sunny, my wife and I run the Master Parks location in Freehold. I have three wonderful kids they all start school this week. I am glad that they are back on a schedule but like most parents I worry about things that I can only prepare my kids for but have absolutely no control over. My little one started Pre K yesterday so I just hope she makes it to the bathroom without any issues, my middle one is going to second grade and I had no idea how sassy little girls are getting these days, our biggest problem with her is the outfit changes in the morning. If you’re a parent with a daughter you know exactly what I’m talking about. My oldest is going to middle school tomorrow and although he says he alright and puts up a tough exterior I know he’s a little nervous but I will support him and give him an extra boost of confidence and let him know I have his back and as long as he chooses to have an awesome year and do the right thing, he will be fine. This summer I had the pleasure of talking to a lot of amazing parents and I realized we put limits on our children. During this new school year let’s support, love and push our kids to do better and let them know that there are no limitations except the ones that we set for ourselves and in most cases for kids, their parents. Parents let’s give our kids the opportunity to challenge themselves and I guarantee they will surprise and amaze you! No Limitations this school year! From my family to yours please wish your kids an amazing and happy school year. If you need us for anything please feel free to contact us.

Surprising Similarities between Fortnite and Martial Arts

Posted: September 01, 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale is by far the most popular video game right now, so chances are, you’ve heard plenty of opinions about it. We’re here to share a different perspective.

But first, let’s cover the basics behind Fortnite. If you’re anything like me, your knowledge of current video games may be somewhat limited, so here’s the gist – Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play multiplayer video game, where your ultimate goal is to be the last player alive either by killing off or escaping your opponents.

The game takes place on an island which has a collection of weapons randomly distributed around the island. The island also has a “safe zone” which slowly shrinks as the game continues. If you spend too much time outside of this safe zone you will slowly die.

Does your College Student know SELF DEFENSE?

Posted: June 09, 2018

College is an exciting time bringing anticipation and expectation, along with new experiences and new surroundings. However, it is also a time when the threat of assault is more prevalent. With this newfound independence also comes a greater responsibility and an imperative need to know how to protect oneself. Learning self defense is extremely important during this stage of life, and is something all current or incoming college students should have an understanding of and background in.

While preparing for college, more and more students have recently shown interest in attending self defense courses in martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, and jiu jitsu (as a matter of fact, universities like Rutgers, Princeton, Columbia and NYU all have Martial arts clubs.

The martial arts provide many real world utilizations, and teach lessons that are necessary to the development of character and confidence. But in addition to this, martial arts classes are extremely effective in educating students on how to defend themselves in real world circumstances. Training in the martial arts provides three key facets of self defense.

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