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5 Ways Martial Arts Training Defends You Against COVID-19

Posted: June 20, 2020

5 Ways Martial Arts Training Defends You Against COVID-19

Exercise. Some love it, some hate it, but it’s the pillar of a healthy lifestyle. And with the threat of the virus lurking at every turn, it makes it harder to train, but it doesn’t make it impossible. When it comes to fighting COVID-19, one of your best weapons alongside social distancing and self-isolation, is a strong immune system. Everyone can soak up the benefits of training, from vulnerable individuals to the most active enthusiast.

So as you strengthen your immune system and build a healthier you, here are a few of our favorite reasons why exercise can help fight COVID-19.

School Replaced Detention With Meditation And It Created Incredible Results

Posted: February 27, 2020

One thing I love about our martial arts training is that ist filled with positive reinforcement and training systems are in place to bring out the BEST in our children, Please take a second and read how this Baltimore school is using MEDITATION to reach their students. ENJOY!!!


We have all been through those terrible detentions back in school. But it’s really debatable whether detention actually results in any proper productive development in children. While many of us may have been told to step outside the class or stand while others are sitting, in a method to shame us, – it always affects us negatively. Rather, we need to find a new way that will actually help students become better than they are without impacting their self-esteem.

NCAA coach's advice to parents: You need to let your kids fail

Posted: January 06, 2020

Notre Dame Fighting Irish's Muffett McGraw, who has coached for more than 35 years, says it's not the kids who have changed — it's the parents.

The inaugural TCL Vancouver Showcase is dishing up unusual opportunities.

The eight-team women’s basketball portion of the event tips off Thursday at the Vancouver Convention Centre, with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as headliners.

Super Stars that Cross Train with Martial Arts

Posted: November 18, 2019

Martial arts is not only a fun and engaging activity, it is also a great way to cross-train if you are a professional athlete.

Some of the world’s most talented sportsmen and sportswomen have turned to martial arts to improve their physical ability, whether it is to enhance their golf swing, increase the efficiency of shots they take from the field, or to help them ride the waves more intensely.

Martial arts is the perfect cross-training activity because it increases an athlete’s flexibility, durability, and endurance while developing the entire body’s large and small muscle groups. There is a myriad of professionals who have turned to martial arts during the off-season, some of them you wouldn’t know just by looking.

What is Bullying???

Posted: October 14, 2019

Is It Rude, Is It Mean, Is It Bullying?

As they say, kids will be kids. And yes, children and teens can be unkind to their peers and feelings get hurt. The problem is when these behaviors become common and target the same person repeatedly. This is when kids being kids begins to cross the line to bullying. And while bullying is a very terrible thing for anyone to endure, it is important to look at the actual behavior and determine if it really is bullying or if it is children being rude or mean.

Bullying is a term that has become more prevalent in recent years even though the actual act of bullying has been around for a very long time. Although studies have shown that the rates of bullying incidents have actually decreased, this topic has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds and in the media more often. This is largely due to increased amounts of children and teens harming themselves as a response to their experiences.

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