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Womens Self Defense Workshop

Posted: March 09, 2018

Our Free Women’s Self Defense Workshop is fast approaching! Sorry guys this is for my girls only!!


Did you know that ANYONE can effectively learn how to defend themselves. We have a saying in our studios, “Will is Stronger than Skill!” Meaning that knowledge, proper technique and will to survive are far greater attributes than strength, speed or power. And when you learn to combine them all, you become a force to be reckoned with.


Having the “Will to Survive” comes largely from building confidence by knowing some basic principles and techniques of self-defense. This helps a person understand that it is possible to defend yourself from bigger attackers and in dis-advantaged positions.


If this sounds complicated or even concerning, don’t worry, we will show you what we mean at our upcoming Women’s Self Defense Workshop March 16th at 745pm at 380 Mounts Corner Dr Freehold NJ 07728. Next to Bacos Pizza and Mahzu.

Did I mention this is a FREE event, At Master Parks we strongly beleive in empowering and enriching the lives of the Amazing women in our community. Register at


Thanks and See You at the Event,

P.S. 1 Bring a Friend and train w a Buddy!

P.S. 2 strongly recommended for female college Students.

P.S. 3 our focus will be on Krav Maga, the simplest most effective combat techniques to diffuse any and all threats. We've simplified it so anyone and everyone can apply these simple and effective techniques.