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Benefits of children training in martial arts during the summer!

Posted: June 22, 2022

Benefits of children training in martial arts during the summer!

During the academic year, instructors, teaching assistants, and counselors focus on assisting your children's intellectual development and personal growth. And then, what happens during the summertime when most of these individuals are on vacation? To minimize or prevent your kid from losing a significant amount of the talents they have learned throughout the previous school season, it makes the perfect reason that you, as parents, would want your kid to retain some development & growth during the summer. &This encompasses development in these domains: intellectually, emotionally, socially, & physically.

These are some of the many best choices you can make to maintain your child's active lifestyle by enrolling them in an established martial arts school such as MARTIAL ARTS. Regardless of whether your kid is already participating in a martial arts school and you are thinking about taking him or her out of schooling during the summer, or if you are looking for some exercise to have your child participate in, you should think about the advantages of MARTIAL ARTS training during the summer prior making any decision. To make your work a little bit simpler, we have chosen four of the most beneficial features and offered a summary of each one below.

The following are some of the advantages that will be discussed here:

1. Participating in martial arts keeps you from gaining weight!

2. Participation in a martial art protects against the loss of academic skills over the summer months!

3. Participating in martial arts may help one become more emotionally stable!

4. Participation in martial arts contributes to increased social stability!

Let us get started!

Advantage 1: Participating in MARTIAL ARTS Can Help Avoid Unhealthy Weight Gain!

It may appear that kids are more active during the summer months; nevertheless, the lack of stability during this time also contributes to weight increase in children. Even if they participate in only two days of organized physical exercise throughout the summer, this can snowball impact the amount of physical activity they engage in at home. Because it is so much fun, children even like getting their bodies exercising throughout the summer months when they participate in martial arts.

Have you been aware of this?

• Children put on approximately twice as much weight during the summer as they do during the school year because they eat more frequently during this time, the majority of the time due to idleness or a lack of appropriate adult supervision. While this is happening, many kids are also less active during summertime since they wake up late, spend more time in front of the television, play video games, etc.


• Each day in MARTIAL ARTS class, students participate in engaging and entertaining exercises designed to foster physical growth. Because they have enough spare time during summer, kids who study MARTIAL ARTS tend to put in more practice hours at home during this season. It indicates that they will begin the upcoming school year in more excellent physical condition than at the end of the previous academic year!


Advantage 2: Training in martial arts can help avoid the loss of academic skills during the summer!

A common conception of summer is that it is a carefree and joyful season in which "kids can be kids." As a result, the advantages of enriching experiences gained via participation in organized activities are often overlooked. During the summer months, a child's intellectual development might benefit significantly by participation in a program that is even somewhat organized, even if only two times each week. MARTIAL ARTS confers these advantages in a way that is also enjoyable, allowing children to continue to act like children while preserving their carefree and joyful approach to life over the summer.

Have you been aware of this?

• For more than a century, academics have known that the summer break is when children's cognitive growth slows down compared to the academic year. Research has also shown that children's scores on standardized exams are significantly lower when they begin a new academic year compared to their scores on the same tests conducted after the past school year.

• During the summer, intellectual stimulation may be maintained through MARTIAL ARTS by participating in everyday classroom activities. Moreover, youngsters who practice throughout the summer improve over time since their minds are not "weighed down" after a lengthy day of academic skills. Because of this, when children return to school after the summer holiday, their working memories and fluid intelligence may have reached an entirely new level of development, implying that they may be brighter than they were when they went for the summer vacation.

Advantage 3: MARTIAL ARTS training can enhance one's emotional stability!

Children lose a significant amount of the essential elements that help enhance their self-esteem as the school year ends. As a result, they start the back-to-school year with less confidence than before. The setting of MARTIAL ARTS classes is ideal for fostering children's emotional growth in a constructive and uplifting way, making them an excellent choice for parents.

Have you been aware of this?

• Children who experience a decline in their sense of self-worth during the summer typically begin the new school year with a great deal of anxiety about making friends, meeting new teachers, and being bullied.

• The practice of MARTIAL ARTS includes classroom activities that are done regularly and help youngsters develop healthier emotional perspectives. Youngsters who approach the new school year with a higher level of self-assurance are filled with excitement about the many fantastic chances that learning offers.

Advantage 4: Participation in MARTIAL ARTS helps maintain healthy relationships!

The importance of obeying regulations cannot be overstated, particularly during the summer when fewer restrictions are placed on youngsters to observe. It involves behaving appropriately in social settings. The MARTIAL ARTS program helps students acquire appropriate social behavior, and those skills transfer over into their everyday lives at home.

Have you been aware of this?

• When they return to school in the fall, children who did not have adequate opportunities for social growth over the summer are more likely to misbehave. In the same vein, children who do not have an adequate positive social connection during the summer are more likely to have increased anxiety when the new school year begins.

• In MARTIAL ARTS classes, students participate in everyday classroom activities that foster social growth. Children who participate in MARTIAL ARTS training over the summer are more likely to be the kids who receive exemplary conduct assessments from their instructors during the initial round of parent-teacher conferences. Children who receive the highest ratings for their behavior are also statistically the kids who receive the highest ratings for their academic performance. These pupils are not distracted by the consequences of poor behavior.


The summer can be a fantastic chance for you to assist your child in enjoying a holiday from school and developing into a more improved version of themselves before the beginning of the next academic year. What kind of parent would never want their kid to start the new academic year in a better position on all fronts—intellectually, emotionally, socially, or physically? Training in MARTIAL ARTS can very well turn out to be the most acceptable investment you undertake throughout the summer.

Have you been aware of this?

Master Parks Black Belt America offers numerous alternatives to assist your child stay up with their training even if they skip courses during the summer or want additional training opportunities!

In the files part of our Facebook parent group, you can find at-home training tasks that we give you. These organizers are excellent tools to utilize if your child is absent from school or desires more practice at home.

We have over 30 classes a week making it easy to attend classes plus we offer classes on Saturday.

Private one on one lessones are available all summer long.

Master Parks Black Belt America is a full service martial arts school and offers a full summer camp at most of our locations from June to August.