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Back to School with CONFIDENCE!

Posted: September 06, 2018

My name is Master Sunny, my wife and I run the Master Parks location in Freehold. I have three wonderful kids they all start school this week. I am glad that they are back on a schedule but like most parents I worry about things that I can only prepare my kids for but have absolutely no control over. My little one started Pre K yesterday so I just hope she makes it to the bathroom without any issues, my middle one is going to second grade and I had no idea how sassy little girls are getting these days, our biggest problem with her is the outfit changes in the morning. If you’re a parent with a daughter you know exactly what I’m talking about. My oldest is going to middle school tomorrow and although he says he alright and puts up a tough exterior I know he’s a little nervous but I will support him and give him an extra boost of confidence and let him know I have his back and as long as he chooses to have an awesome year and do the right thing, he will be fine.

This summer I had the pleasure of talking to a lot of amazing parents and I realized we put limits on our children. During this new school year let’s support, love and push our kids to do better and let them know that there are no limitations except the ones that we set for ourselves and in most cases for kids, their parents. Parents let’s give our kids the opportunity to challenge themselves and I guarantee they will surprise and amaze you!

No Limitations this school year! From my family to yours please wish your kids an amazing and happy school year. If you need us for anything please feel free to contact us.

YES the kid in the picture is my oldest, Cole Park ;)