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3 Ways Martial Arts Will Completely Stop Bullying

Posted: August 15, 2017

Bullying------ I have three kids Cole, Olivia and Ella and I think we can all agree that this is every parent's nightmare when we send our kids off to school every Fall. During the school year, children all over the country wake up scared to go to school because of bullies. This is an epidemic that affects millions of children all over the world. Parents and teachers are there to guide the students but bullying comes in many different forms and usually can cause mental and emotional scars that can ruin your child's entire school year. Bullying is a terrible thing and adults try their best to mediate aggressive behavior between students. Sometimes, however, parents and teachers do not recognize that bullying is occurring under their watch because it comes in many different shapes and forms. Bullying is when someone is picked on repeatedly by another individual or a group of individuals physically, mentally and emotionally. One of the best ways to get rid of bullying is to enroll your child in a martial arts class. Martial Arts is for everyone, whether your child is the bully or their getting bullied. Martial Arts lessons will instill the knowledge, skill and wisdom of self defense, all while teaching them true life lessons like respect, sportsmanship, responsibility, comraderie and honor.

1. Martial Arts teaches RESPECT

One of the greatest lesson that Tae Kwon Do teaches is RESPECT, its one of the foundation blocks for learning martial arts. Respect is shown to our seniors, and down the chain all the way to our peers and juniors. Before class even begins everyone is greeted with a bow, all classes are started and finished with a bow and even our Tae Kwon Do sparring matches begin with a bow. You could say we always START and Finish with RESPECT!

When students learn to respect their teachers and fellow training partners this open them up to improve,prove themselves and most importantly respect themselves. Bullying is something that most children will experience but most of the times a student may not even realize that he or she is bullying other kids or being bullied themselves. Self Respect leads to Self Reflection which leads to constant Self Improvement.

Martial Arts helps us become better aware of ourselves by building us up with confidence and then humbling us by our shortcomings and other things that may not come so easily to us. We our on a constant journey to improve ourselves and through martial arts training we ultimately become better human beings.

2. Martial Arts Empowers Children with Responsibility

Martial Arts is a system that enables us to physically protect ourselves and those we care and love, studying martial arts empowers us, especially children that have a strong sense of responsibility. Martial Arts builds confidence through our skills and this in return is accompanied by an understanding that we have  a responsibility to use the skills that we learn on the mat not so we can harm others but to protect and defend ourselves and the people we love.

By practicing martial arts children realize the impact of physical conflict and how it can positively and negatively affect a person in and out of the ring. Students will gain a clearer understanding of what it is to be held accountable for our actions so we need to carry ourselves in a matter that will reflect the type of person we are and make mom and dad proud.

3. Martial Arts Enriches Children's Lives with a Vibrant Glow

Through martial arts training so many areas of our life are positively affected and as a byproduct it improves the quality of life, Tae Kwon Do training enriches our children's lives with a vibrant, positive glow!

Martial Arts is in a class of its own when it comes to developing not just the physical but the mind and spirit of its practitioners. While training children will push themselves and find themselves pushing their strength, speed and flexibility to heights that they never imagined. Muscles become stronger, the mind becomes sharper and the spirit burns brighter with each and every practice.

These three elements begin to work together cultivating and turning you child into a modern day warrior with an enriched spirit, with positive energy and glowing aura that comes from the ancient power of Tae Kwon Do training. Give the gift of martial arts to your child today, with every class they will feel happier and have more and more fun which is why martial arts schools are so popular.

Martial Arts enriches lives through making friendships and bonds that last a lifetime. Students are often tasked to work with other students during class which forces them to socialize and work together naturally creating comraderie. Although martial arts may be a journey towards self improvement your children do it with other like-minded children who are also on a journey to improve themselves. Martial Arts teaches the value of teamwork, assisting others to achieve their goals and proudly help themsleves and their fellow training partners reach greatness.

So let's start by teaching your children martial arts skills that will improve their quality of life making them HAPPIER kids and I promise you we can and will put an end to bullying once and for all. Enroll your child into a martial arts program today and experience the difference. You and your children will never be afraid to go to school ever again.